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Workshop to discuss curbs on student housing in Bath

by Sharon Ball on 4 October, 2011

A meeting is being called later this month to talk about how to control the growth of shared student housing in Bath.

A consultant appointed by Bath and North East Somerset Council has begun investigating the best way of using planning laws to restrict the conversion of conventional homes into houses in multiple occupation (HMOs).

Politicians, community leaders and property industry representatives will be called to a workshop organised by B&NES at the Guildhall on October 24.

Under discussion will be whether to impose an extra layer of planning regulation – called an Article 4 direction, which means that permission would be necessary for conversions that do not currently require planning consent.

At the moment, houses can be converted into accommodation shared by between three and six people. Under such a new regime, planners would have to approve conversions and would be likely to refuse permission once a certain percentage of homes had already been developed.

The council said its study would:

* explore the correlation between the density of HMOs and noise disturbance, litter, and parking difficulties.

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